Album: Loose Ends
Track: Ride, Dip, Roll
Artist(s): Confession
Release: 2009
Pen Bleed Publishing (ASCAP)

Now I was. . . Just a puppy in this life of big doggs
And about to let it all loose and spit off at the mouth
My current currency worry me; let me live or just bury me
Cuz I’m tired of trying when society wants to murder me
I’m a troubled soul, homeless twice in three months
Just hopin someone opens the door and sees you were me once
Its survival of the fittest, I must be the weak one
The pressure got me close to nothing so I’m puffin these blunts
I gotta ease up; time to swallow my pride
I hit rock bottom low, so I gotta get high
There were times when my stomach was just hollow inside
Is it all a dream; prayin that its all in my mind
Spent weeks, even months, feelin sorry for myself
And these hard liquor bottles don’t help
When it seems that every other road is a dead end
Know you gotta live a little hell to get to heaven.

We gonna ride, dip, roll; on the chase for doe
Quarter tank with no place to go
Stressed like a motha fucka ‘bout to shake the spot
A cold life, so lets make it hot; ya feel me
We gonna ride, dip, roll; on the chase for doe
Quarter tank with no place to go
120 on the freeway; we in the wind
So catch me if you can, nigga; I’m innocent

Don’t worry about me cuz I’m ok
Cuz right now its all work and no play
So there’s no way a little ice’ll freeze me on a cold day
Fuck what hoes say; hustle till I go gray
Its slow pay, but potential got me captured
Moms left me for dead cuz I wanted to be a rapper
Now, a whole new game plan with the same chance to fail
But hands down this nigga is a changed man
A major scheme tryna get a taste of C.R.E.A.M; its make believe
I must be asleep cuz I’m chasing dreams
Where pitfalls and setbacks are everyday things
The life story of a warrior became king
Nobody’s gonna look out for me like me
Its like sayin I’mma roll through your hood to sight see
It might be the reason why I grind nightly
The sun don’t shine for me; but I’mma still ride.


What I mean by innocent is that I’m untouched, you want trust
Then trust the first to hate is the first to get bum rushed
There’s too much money to make
You color blind bitches couldn’t notice green even in front of your face
I’mma burn like a bucket of mace; not time to waste
Fuck a nine cuz I keep my rhymes tucked in my waist
I was forced to move mountains
3 months, 22 days, 7 hours and 4 minutes, but who’s countin
I’mma ride, dip, roll on the chase for doe
Quarter tank with no place to go, but up
I was taught there’s no talkin back
The cold shoulder now I’m older with a heart to match
When I start to rap everything gets dark and black
My eyes close, but the light shines awful fast
Now, I see why ya’ll hating on me; just look at me
You’re just madd that I’m everything that you couldn’t be.