Album: Hell Or High Water
Track: I'm Ready
Artist(s): Confession
Release: 2010
Pen Bleed Publishing (ASCAP)

[talk] lets do this. . . All you gotta do is say the word. . . Hell or high water. . . Its me and you baby. . . Its me and you, baby. . . Its me and you. . . Yea, you ready?

Now, lemme see just how I can relate this
To the feeling I get when I’m on the stage
Its something like a rush, the feeling for your crush
The electricity I feel between the both of us
Whenever we touch; from the top of my head down to my chucks
Always wanting more cuz I can never get enough
Before the hands even dealt, you’re my royal flush
The sudden rush through your body right before ya. . .
Believe its true, sometimes we gotta do the unthinkable
Put a smile on my face just by being you
No matter what I come against I’mma see it through
Cuz I got my queen on my team; its me and you
Whatever the weather, winter cold of December
You are my sunshine; I don’t see another contender
Its never been a question; Imma be yours- you could be mine
We could redefine what it means to ride.


I never thought it felt quite like this
Sky height shit; I really think I like this
A little too much; more than I probably should
From the look of it its gotta be good; now that we could lets
Lemme know when you’re ready to go, if ya let me
I’ll break your levy, make you wet and sweaty and heavily breathin
You breathe out with every reason to scream out
Hot as a hundred seven degrees in
Incredibly, she run it like I could run a verse
I swear, every single time is like another first
I get nervous, starting to slip like a slick surface
She wanted to gimme that lip service
Her pitch perfect; music to my ears
Dropped and picked back up over the years
Hot as half a summer; you have my number
And as long as you stay you can call me ‘baby’ and you don’t have to wonder.


[talk] hell or high water. . . Its me and you, baby. . . . Its me and you. . . Its me and you. . . You ready?