Album: Hell Or High Water
Track: Video Games
Artist(s): Confession
Release: 2010
Pen Bleed Publishing (ASCAP)

If you want it you can get it
They get played like video games
Aint nobody fuckin wit it
These bitches; these bitches aint shit

Survival of the fittest, hoe, your luck is up
Spending all day looking for a duck to hunt
When I puff the blunt I need stuff to munch
Send a broad out with about a buck for lunch
Get yourself a scoop of fries
Act right and I might let you super size
Yes ya’ll, if I press pause, all bets off
Cuz you interupt when I’m up to the best part
Ass fat like cow genetics
Man, that’s at 500lbs of heaven
Hot, but you’re a sour lemon
So get ghost just like pacman on power pellets
Now ya get it, but don’t wanna act like its over
All I know is that you’d better pass the controller
At all times I must remain soldier
As soon as I step in the room, its game over.


I’m the one that the bank employs
For the greenbacks, call me the paperboy
When I lean, cats say he’s a gangsta boi
Where the fiends at; yall better make some noise
These hoes bend over backwards
Just to be the princess that gets captured
X’s O’s nouns and adverbs
Ya getting on my last nerve, bitch, what’s the password
The best way to set the mess straight
Bets made, now hop on deck and lets play
Checkmate now watch how the rest hate
Cuz I got game to advance to the next stage
Complete one, I got out and buy more
that’s why these hoes keep on knockin at my door
Pretty little thing; you’re a sight for an eye-sore
But you still can’t fuck with my high score.