Album: Hell Or High Water
Track: Hell Or High Water
Artist(s): Confession
Release: 2010
Pen Bleed Publishing (ASCAP)

[talk] its just how we do it. . . Gone but never forgotten. . . Please believe it. . . I just wanna take this time to thank you for being in my life. . .

There’s so many people that I wanna thank
There’s so many souls on this road that supplied the paint
To make pictures; I’m with ya we’ll ride tomorrow
A fixture in my life come hell or high water

I wanna take this time to give back while I make this rhyme
To give thanks for the paint so I can make this shine
A dull frame, no name- shell of a man
Amputee that’s lent a hell of a hand
I wanna thank you; its painful to say this now
To my people that passed and were laid in ground
Just look down; yessssir I made it now
Every bar spit intent to make you proud
I’m still chasin; Jason, Big Dogg Russell
Its tough to feel its real, I still love you
Struggle to believe that its been this long
But I wanna give thanks while I pen this song
So thank you, from me, just for being a friend
Sincerely Yours; till I see you again; Confession.