Album: Hell Or High Water
Track: Unbelievable
Artist(s): Confession
Release: 2010
Pen Bleed Publishing (ASCAP)

(Its Unbelievable) - the way I rock; I’m coming for my spot
(Its Unbelievable) (Its Unbelievable)
Always I’m on top and never will I stop

No wonder it hits; they say I’m sicker than a son of a bitch
And all the haters are just runnin their lips
Better give up what I’m comin to get
Cuz ever since I was a youngin on the hunt I always wanted to spit
I keep it one hunnid; I aint one for a half step
I aint in to talkin sideways like I had bad breath
I jab left; make em bounce like a bad check
I stack bread; countin like I bank with a math test
I’m back, yes! Cuttin the filler and fat foods
I’m cool whip; C.R.E.A.M get the money and cash rules
I’m THAT dude; so sick I deliever the shakes
I am Lifestyles biggest mistake
I had to follow through, son, there aint no hotter
You whack rappers know your momma wish she woulda swallowed you
They wanna holla ‘oooooh’ (oooooh); ya boy’s back in the building
Oh, such an incredible feelin; lets go.


Let it be known I am rockin like the heaviest stone
So baby, tell me when you’re ready to go
We’ll get it crackin; I am killin this but with a passion
Of my first at bat spittin acidic rap shit
Watch em; all these haters gotta play their part, son
Cuz I kill it every time when they try to play possum
Have em swimming up shit creek meetin with Dawson
You know I stay on my job like when the boss in
I boss out when its time to get to flossin
Awesome with the opportunity to do it often
Caution, I am caged in; the monster
Next time you’re lookin over my fence, you’re getting tossed in
So get lost, you don’t wanna get involved with
A spit to make you look bout as hard as a dick softened
So twist off ya caps, ya boy’s back in the building
Oh, such an incredible feelin; lets go.