Album: Hell Or High Water
Track: Cameras Out
Artist(s): Confession
Release: 2010
Pen Bleed Publishing (ASCAP)

[talk] yea, this that feel good right here baby. . . Its that feel good. . . Get it. . . Yea. . . C’mon. . . get that liquor in your system. . . Tip a bottle back . . . Do what you do. . . Lets get it in. . . c’mon.

It’s all fine_
I’m feelin better than I have in a long time; I’m on shine
Let me feel it till the stars shine_
And when I sleep let me wake back up and get right back to on grind_
Its ball time; got my pockets fat
And these chips keep me slick like a stockin cap
On top of that there’s no need to watch my back
Its just business like fighters at a boxing match_
So throw in the towel; I’m holding it down
And with a_ Coke and a smile I’mma open the crowd
And I’mma_ poetic energetic son unleaded fuel
I been a fool way before a playa could finish school_
I’m sittin cool as an iceberg in swimming pools
In the middle of winter rocking nothing but tennis shoes_
Win or lose_ all the hating is miniscule
I’mma continue to do me

If you don’t know what ya man’s about
I’m on shine all the time; bring the cameras out
All the haters still asking how
I’m on shine all the time; bring the cameras out
In the crowd still standing out
I’m on shine all the time; bring the cameras out
North, East, West and the South
I’m on shine all the time; bring the cameras out

It’s all me_
I’m feelin better than I have like all week; sippin a tall drink
Liquor got me balls deep_
And to the wall when I_ answer the call when I hear that alcohol speak_
It’s all sweet; got me feelin a toothache
Today_ is it Crest cuz I’m fresh as toothpaste
Quicker than two shakes; stay away from two-faced_
I move ranks; a new dog on a new chase
Its like I didn’t even have to break to a sweat
Less hard work like a desk job to make a check
I’m taking bets; don’t have to make it rain to make you wet
I’m the man all the girls wanna chase to pay for sex_
I play my best and in every game I came correct_
I’m keeping watch for the spot that I’m taking next_
It’s like I just got paid; and we even
Feelin hot like I’m on the block and I’m leanin.