Album: Hell Or High Water
Track: Introduce Myself
Artist(s): Confession
Release: 2010
Pen Bleed Publishing (ASCAP)

[talk] CT Grind Production. . . You’ll have to excuse me; I’m a little under the weather but uhh. . . Cold or a sore throat couldn’t stop me, ya know. . . . it’s a non-stop hustle; I gotta do what I gotta do. . . Ya know. . . I gotta give it to em one way or the motha fuckin other. . . Take some robitussin and walk it off. . . Hahaha. . . that’s just how I get down, ya know. . . Somebody’s gotta do it right? (C-O) Might as well be me. . .

(tsch - tsch) Lemme introduce myself
(tsch - tsch) Lemme introduce myself
(tsch - tsch) Lemme introduce myself
I am the monster in charge of anything 400 degrees or larger

I am one of the sickest lyricists in existence
Aw shit, wait, that’s a misprint (rip and crumble paper)
I am THE sickest lyricist period
Isn’t up for debate; end of discussion, fussin and furious
Serious as a stampede
And you’re runnin on a bad knee; I hope you have a plan b
Cuz I’m the type to run behind you a trip ya
Cuz you operate like BevMo minus the liquor
This time it’s a killer cuz I’m in beast mode when my teeth show
Grind till it’s time to come back to me three-fold
I am the son of a fire rap; my mother’s a hi-hat
So technically, I was born here to fuck it up
For the love of the hype; I’m so hustla
Microphone smuggler; right D-O-W-N
To the southerners; I’mma get you to love me but
I’ll let these other rappers be first; first runner-up



Sometimes I feel if I wanted a deal
I would have to sell my soul for a couple of bills,
A couple of grills, a new car, and somewhere to chill
There’s a million rappers out, but only some of em real
I’m on in a mill - you’re sittin with your thumb in your rear
Better get your best material or run for the hill
I’m comin to kill; not your regular run of the mill
While these other rappers are like buying your mother a grill
Got the look, but none of the skill
I’m like seagul fly
Can’t see me like the repo guy, know why
I’m so raw when we go by
I can give your ass e.coli; I’m just sayin
Somebody should tell em that I am the monster
In charge of anything 400 degrees or larger
This is the start of hypothetical contra
It’s the montra; prepare for your departure


Confession…Ya know how I get down… said it before I’mma say it again. . . Get that album. . . . . . Gimme some feedback. . . Peace!